Choose the best color scheme for your living room!

Living room is one of the important spaces in every home. If you live alone, it is probably that space of your home where you like to sit back, relax with a movie or book in hand when unwinding. If you live with your family, you know it is one room where all of you spend you together time every day. It is also one room, everybody who visits get to see in your home. This space therefore needs utmost of your attention while decorating. A welcoming appearance creating a pleasant and cheerful ambience is necessary for every living room.

Before you start designing any room, there are certain pointers which will help speed up the process –

Plan ahead – Measure the dimensions of the room. Try and include recessed spaces and alcoves if any in your room. Look for furniture that will ideally suit the dimensions of your living room. Take your doorways measurement into account for your delivery of furniture to be smooth. Before your furniture arrives, stage your living room space. Make room for lighting fixtures. They enhance the beauty of every room in different possible ways. Before finalizing furniture, think if they will merge well with your wall color and pick fabrics that will suit the furniture.

Pick up pieces artistically. It is not always necessary to stick to basics while you choose your furniture. Concentrate more on what is comfortable for you and how you want the room to look. Do not go by the usual rule of a sofa, arm chair and coffee table. If you think an ottoman will spruce up the look of a living room, go by your judgment. Most of the times our instincts are right and the room will look livelier rather than a basic living room.

Choose to buy quality fabrics when it comes to your furniture and bedding. These are all long term investment and you will be using them almost every day. Also these things typically define the quality of life you live. Choosing sub standard furniture could create a bad disposition among friends and family too. If you believe in traditional set ups, choose furniture accordingly. If you are inclined towards modern set up, the variety of furniture you could accommodate in your living room is a plenty. Although there is no harm in mixing and matching of furniture, some contemporary and some very modern in the same room work pretty well too.

Go thematic

When choosing a color scheme for a room, what makes one wonder is he or she has to stick to a theme or stick to the color scheme. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to choosing colors for your room and furniture.

·         The whites, cream and beige colors usually work well for contemporary and modern themes.

·         The nude colors in fabrics suit with the metal and glass finishes of furniture.

·         If you are inclined towards comfort and casual furniture, small prints in fabric, plaid and patterns will work well. Here you could stick to the theme rather than stressing on a particular color. For instance, a rainbow theme will ideally have a bounce of colors.

·         If you are sticking to traditional, go for rolled arms, skirted fabrics in rich ivory and traditional red will be perfect.

When in doubt, go with your favorite color

When you are doing your living room, there might be certain doubts while choosing a color or theme. It could be rather confusing with a plethora of options available these days. When you are not sure on arriving at the base color of the room, stick to your favorite. You might never get displeased with your favorite color. For instance, if blue is your favorite color, you could build on the secondary color from there. Green works well with blue, a classic combination it is.  White and cream work well with blue as well. If the color of the wall is in blue and shades of white, pick fabrics in the furniture which are a bit lighter.

You could also dress up your window with your favorite color and draw from the hues in the rest of the room. Make sure to match your furniture textures and colors to the walls and windows. If you have a small living room, you might want to choose a bright or dark shade of a color to make it more vibrant rather than the room looking like a cave.

Draw inspiration from everywhere

If you are confused of choosing modern or traditional furniture, go back to zero and then start building your plan. Think about the rug, do you love a modern or a contemporary design on your rug? You could draw inspiration from every bit of fabric you see around.

You pillow covers and cushions have designs which could be brought into your home décor.

Start with your favorite furniture. Start building a theme around your favorite furniture. It will inspire you to draw a design you would have never dreamt of getting right. For instance, if you love your coffee brown velvet sofa, keep that as the predominant furniture of your living room. Now look for other furniture which will appeal well with your favorite. A coffee colored ottoman along with a recliner? Quirky arm chairs in a contrast color right across your sofa? Choose bright cushions to go with your center sofa and floor lamps with a copper base and dark shade.

Remember to keep the center furniture bright and the rest in the room a bit subdues. This will make the room look calm and welcoming.

Classic color combinations always work well. Have you seen the combinations such as blue and yellow fail ever? They make the room look pleasing and can never go wrong. Blue along with white is another combination which works for all themes. Red and brown is a classic combination perfect for traditional set of furniture and fabrics. Green and blue together vouch for a modern set up.